Other Issues in Media and Society

There are many other serious issues regarding Media and Society which are all very beneficial to be aware of and here I present few blogs which I strongly recommend people to read:

  • Katarina Pappova (https://msmlp.wordpress.com/) and Vanda Kabrtova (https://genderinequalityontv.wordpress.com) both in their blogs talk about gender discrimination in media. A topic which I am personally very passionate about and which is very relevant in today’s society. Not only they talk about the sexualisation of women, they also look at gender discrimination of transgender people and what negative effects such representation has on adults as well as children.
  • Yuliia Tabachenko (https://wearemorethanthese.wordpress.com) presents in her blog the issue of sexual as well as racial discrimination in media, looking at various media formats including cartoons and commercials. She also includes the political figure Donald Trump and his media coverage, which influences thousands of people daily within seconds due to new media technology. With his racist remarks he enhances xenophobia, which can lead to very brutal and damaging consequences.
  • Darina Shelkovnikova (https://darinashelk.wordpress.com/) addresses the issues of the ideal beauty portrayal of men and women in media and what negative and serious health issues can arise when people are from a young age surrounded by and presented with an unrealistic description of how they should look like and behave. She also includes her personal story of being affected by extreme restrictive diets which have caused her very serious health problems because she was exposed to constant unrealistic beauty standards which she tried to meet.
  • A more positive view on media is presented by Ksenia Frantsiyants in her blog (https://mediasocializationblog.wordpress.com) which speaks about the benefits of socializing over the internet. She introduces events with a positive outcome for people who have engaged in meeting people over the internet, who educated themselves over the internet, or used the internet in other positive ways, which definitely brings some hope for the new digital generation of people.

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