Current Events III.

Children’s Anxiety disorders.

The brutal truth about the dangerous effects of media on children is that children are not only affected by large corporation advertisements or TV programmes and movies, but they are also in potential threat due to the private action which is taken by adults surrounding them on various social networks. The number of people currently posting pictures of their children or children they come in contact with or writing various articles and blog posts about them is countless.

Last month, there has been a reported case, in New Zealand, of pictures of children having been stolen from a social media account by a woman calling herself to be the children’s mother. But thousands of cases like this one are reported monthly in other countries too, and many parents don’t realize the danger they are putting their children in.

Parents use various social media to “shame” or “make fun of” their children, without their responsible consent. When they grow up, children who get recognized from such photos or videos could have a hard time detaching themselves from their past mistakes and could suffer from social anxiety disorders. This month, a shocking video was uploaded by a father of his child and his primary school friends “twerking” and sexually touching themselves. The father who uploaded the footage on the internet captioned the video as the children “showing off [their] moves”. Not only can these videos and similar pictures damage children’s profiles, it can also make them a target for ever present sexual predators. According to the research done by the American Psychological Association, such sexualisation of young children can further result in them having depression or other emotional consequences or could suffer from eating disorders and commit self-harm as the grow older.

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One thought on “Current Events III.

  1. I totally agree with the author, and i have to mention that this story shocked me. I have seen many bad influences on children through media, including my little siblings, but that is really different – much more serious. This may lead to serious psychological consequences and health issues in future. However, there are other problems that may appear. Why parents do not think about the reaction of their children? It may cost those parents that upload such content on internet to break the relationships between the family. Later, it can transform in bad behavior and what the life of this child will be then?
    Therefore, it is very necessary to filter the content children can have access to, and parents should be conscious about that in order to protect their baby.


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