Importance of the Issue

Many people are now aware of the adverse effects of the media when it portrays the unrealistic “perfect body image”. Thousands of women each year are reported to suffer from as severe problems as anorexia, mental illnesses or self-harm because of it.  People, however, don’t realize that people are affected by media already from childhood. Not only adult advertisements but even cartoons on channels such as Disney, their movies and other children’s commercials and movies have a negative influence on the way children behave and look. Every year more and more children are reported to have depression or are fighting other severe mental illnesses. Daily, people, come across children wearing age inappropriate clothes or children who are involved in other adult-like activities. Children, already from such early age as 2, try to adapt or mimic what they see on TVs or anywhere else online or offline. It is a serious issue which shouldn’t be ignored by parents or guardians and any other people who come in contact with children.


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