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One of the current major issues surrounding media influence on children is the amount of sexual content which they are exposed to daily.

This month, terrifying news has flooded in from Australia, where children, already at the age of five, were recommended to attend therapy for sexual misbehaviour at school. The Weekend Australian has last Thursday published a story about kindergarten children, who not only tried to sexually arouse their peers, but also acted out various sexual scenes using toys available to them. Records show that not only the number of sexual incidents involving young children increases every year, the number of children marked involved with inappropriate sexual behaviour further increases as they proceed into their teenage years. Chris Gordon, an expert in the field of therapy for family problems, stated that “Easy access to sexual images on the internet and mobile phones is frequently recognised as a crucial factor” when children are seen to be behaving age-inappropriately.

Nowadays, children do not have to access pornography websites to be exposed to sexual content as the majority of TV series, commercials and other advertisements shown in the prime time display some kind of sexual setting. According to Victor Strasburger, a Professor of Paediatrics, Professor of Family and Community Medicine and Chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine at the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine, astonishing 14000 sexual references are made on TVs per year alone.

It is important to pay attention when children manage to generate various sexual innuendos, as although it could suggest only child’s curiosity and simple growing up, it could also be a sign of trauma, anxiety or exposure to inappropriate media or even poor parenting.

A severe case of serious sexual harassment coming from young children has already been reported in Australia earlier this year when a four-year-old was provoking his classmates to engage in sexual-themed games during playtime. Australia is, however, not the only country which deals with such incidents. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the UK has recently called for help in order to tackle problems regarding the growing number of children showing detrimental sexual behaviour in the country.

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  2. I mean, yes, it is bad that kids are doing this kind of things, but shouldn’t parents take some responsibility? I mean it is their obligation to raise the kid in the end. I have a brother who is 10 years younger than me and I made some precautions myself to not let him see certain stuffs until he was a bit older. Ban of MTV, parental control on PC and etc.. are the least they can do. If they are going to watch Niki Minaj and her Anaconda clip in front of a 4 year old, of course the kid is going to mimic it. I am not saying that media is innocent, I am saying that the parents should sometimes take control over the education of their own kids.


    1. Of course, parents should take responsibility as to what they show their kids, however, we must not forget that media is surrounding children even on billboards and commercials in-between even children’s shows, and they can’t exactly do anything about that. Also, if a child goes to their friend’s house, how can parents ensure that the other parents have some sort of child net content control like they do?


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